Uitleg Het Paard over je persoonlijke horoscoop

Je persoonlijkheid


The Eloquent Horse
A Horse person are generally popular and are the heart and soul of every party. In ancient China, the Horse symbolizes freedom and a distinguished career.

whats good
Hardworking, adventurous, fast, cheerful, popular and confident. They are lively, cheerful and sociable. A Horse person is elegant, independent, lovest to travel. They make friends easily, helpful and loyal. They are not petty. Horses are clever but not eaxtly intelligent and good at promoting grand ideas. They are constantly on the move and enjoys experimenting with new things or meeting new people.

what's bad
Quick tempered but heart is in the right place. Likes to take centrestage. They are also impatient, takes little advice from others. Horses are only concerned with their own freedom and do not consider other people's needs. They are also have swings of moods and thus become inconsistent, talks too much and cannot keep secrets. Horses tend to rush others but unable to keep to their schedules, implusive and stubborn.

Order of Animals 7th Hour ruled by Horse 7th Hour, 11.00 am to 12.59 am Month 7th Moon Year 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990 Season Mid Summer Direction South Western Zodiac Gemini Ruling Planet Mecury Lucky Gemstone Beryl Force Yang Famous Personalities Barbra Streisand (Water-Horse), Lenin (Metal-Horse), Nelson Mandela (Earth-Horse) Career Generally will do well in the chosen career. Own business, Public Relations, Tourism and Commerce. Romance Make good friends and lovers but because they enjoy freedom and are strongheaded, relationships will not be long-lasting. Tend to marry young and divorce young.
Excellent match ram tiger dog
Paring best avoid rat monkey ox, horse
in some instance, need understanding and patiance rabbit dragon snake rooster pig

Fire-Horse: 1906, 1966Is ambitious, flamboyant, egoistic and loud. Is easily upset, hot tempered and fixed opinions. Is not tactful or diplomatic but exciting, attractive and stimulating. Is charismatic and has a strong following of friends and admirers. Yeans to be in a leadership position.